10 Great Kid Approved Camping Games.

camping party: Another version of glow in the dark ring toss. Use a glow wand to make the base and use glow necklaces as rings. Try using glow bracelets for an even more challenging game of ring toss!

Noodle Horse!! Because my kid rides these things around pretending they're horses anyway. What a great favor for a pony party, or a Cowboy party - or turn into sea horse for an ocean/pool party

King's Music Room: Making Swimming Noodle Ponies. This activity is 10 kinds of awesome because finally my kids will stop using these noodles as swords. Yes. sword-fighting skills are natural for preschoolers and toddlers.

Giddy-Up Cowboy! Tin can Toss Game

Leonies Cakes and Parties .: Cowboy Party - Ethans Birthday Check out the website for more.

Cowboy party sack races

2017 halloween block party Put on some bandannas and ye got yerself a cowboy gunny sack race!

Great game for a cowboy party

Western Party - Fabulous Features by Anders Ruff Custom Designs: {Featured Parties} A Western Cowboy Party from Sydney Australia! (A Little Polkadot)

Cowboy party decorations

Toy Story Sign Birthday Welcome To The Roundup Standing Sign Western Birthday Decoration, Cowboy Cowgirl Party

DIY Birthday Number. Simple to make... cardboard, tissue paper, and hot glue gun!

Paper Flowers Birthday Number DIY

Tissue Pom Pom Paper Flowers Birthday Number DIY that would be so cute :) I love this idea :) you could even do shapes like hearts or say I DO