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Data visualization and infographic designs featured on the Cool Infographics blog ( I will be adding content on an ongoing basis from both older posts and as new content is added to the Cool Infographics site.
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Laniakea: Visualizing Our Home Supercluster

(we're the red dot) Laniakea is Hawaiian for "immeasurable heaven", mapped only in 2014 using velocities, this is our home of the Milky Way spiral galaxy & other galaxies as our neighbours in a galactic supercluster

2017 Shipping Deadlines infographic

Get the holiday shipping deadlines for USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Deliver gift packages on-time with the right service, cost, and speed.

During December 2017, I am giving away one signed copy of my book   Cool Infographics !    Regi...

During December I am giving away one signed copy of my book Cool Infographics !

These 5 Giant Companies Control the World's Beer infographic

These 5 Big Companies Control The World's Beer Distribution Infographic

The Sci-Fi Timeline

The Sci-fi genre contains some fantastic and horrifying ideas about the future, but how far away are they? The Sci-Fi Timeline created by Glow places classic sci-fi movies and games on a very long timeline.

Ikigai - Visualizing the Japanese Concept of Life's Purpose

Ikigai – Japanese concept to enhance work, life & sense of worth — Information is Beautiful — Infographics

Fictional Travel Times infographic

Infographic: An Incredibly Scientific Breakdown Of Which Sci-Fi Creation Is The Fastest

Disney Live Action Movies: Best (And Worst) infographic

Disney Dollars: Live Action Walt Disney Pictures Box Office Best (And Worst) Infographic - does your favorite Disney movie stack up?

Abita Beer Release Calendar 2018

Abita Beer Release Calendar 2018