Ratnanjali Khurana

Ratnanjali Khurana

Ratnanjali Khurana
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This needs to be for real. By Simon Kinneir

Jug by Simon Kinneir Designed for people with partial or full sight loss. It’s interactive with subtle hints able to provide sensory feedback to the user.

Artist Michael Beitz has spent the last several years transforming the most common furniture silhouettes into surreal, Dali-esque sculptures.

Chiu Chih's “Survival Kit for the Ever-Changing Planet" - Wearable Plant Cleans The Air For You When Pollution Is Bad |  Eco-Design | China

Or creepy? Maybe both, but her backpack is clear. And she's breathing fresh air lol "The project is called “Voyage on the Planet” by designer Chiu Chih. A backpack of fresh air provided by a lone plant stored in the clear backpack.

Belt buckle knife

The Belt Buckle Knife is a quick way to hide your weapon. It's disguised as a belt buckle. Simply pull it out and engage in a knife fight, or protect yourself.