Full marks to the blazer that is chosen to go with the boy-next-door outfit . "Blazers can be super casual. Just be sure to keep it simple with the graphic tee and other pieces so you don't end up looking like you are out of an episode of Jersey Shore.

Date night: picnic basket + a laptop movie

148 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Married Couples. I really want to do this to the car or truck and go to the drive in movies!

Rules of a Gentleman

Dressing like a gentleman is one thing. Actually being a gentleman is another. Read, learn, and live guys.

Better Half Blonde Ale

Better Half Blonde Ale / great beer collaboration from Chelsea Brewing Company VSA NY.


These elbow pads r ok lol ♂ Masculine & elegance Men's fashion wear grey Elbow Patches. Back to Elbow Pads -

breakfast in bed. yes, please.

♦ Breakfast in bed. I can't wait to own a Bed And Breakfast and offer to roll a little cart down to a person's room and let them have Bfast in Bed. It's the most luxurious thing to me.


reveriesysuenos: “ mm looks like spring break… nautical stripes, dock, sperrys, and a good book ”


Love these bathroom trays even though they are supposed to be sketches of men's grooming accessories.


A hot man (with excellent style and glasses) and cool architecture, what more could you ask for? Oh yeah he's reading Proust. Just shut up and marry me!


bow ties are only appropriate at the opera and the Emmys. Otherwise bow ties = hipster nonsense.

A must-have for any relationship :)

Apartment 48 - Shop - Entertaining - Tie Breakers - Home Furnishings and Interior Design - New York City

Stiff Pipe - Stiff

These Stiff Pipes are what your tobacco-happy grandfathers dreamed about when Sci-Fi was revolved around first-generation computers and v.

Smartphone Stand, by BlueLounge. Available at

The MILO stand features a Japanese micro-suction technology that directly grips your phone at any desired angle and grips your table or desk to keep your phone exactly where you want it.