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Mostly Photography

Mostly photographs of things and places that I have observed during the course of my daily activities, as well as photographs from other photographers that have piqued my interest.

Mostly Photography

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redhead328's Fotothing

redhead328's Fotothing

For all you micro green lovers, this tool is cool to have when it gets cold outside.

Go Green!

Go Green!

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Testing my new camera!

Fallen leaf

I love trees.

Midwest Fall colors

Midwest Fall colors

Fall colors from the midwest

Megalithic architecture in Newgrange, Ireland.

  • Kati Johnson
    Kati Johnson

    Very nice!

  • YourBagWomen.Com

    That pin was from Roy Burn's board.he's an Irish artist.

street art by C215 This home is the apt of a mother that lost her son in an accident. She could not be consoled. The artist painted the child looking at the window as an encouragement that he was still with her and watching over her. This really helped to bring the mother peace.

Flowers and fence

A thistle growing in a field

Unspoiled snow drift immediately after snowfall.

Two allium plant cultivated in a nature preserve.

In Celebration of Labor Day--Lest We Forget | Talk CafeTalk Cafe


Flowers & Flowers This is a breathtaking photo!

Spotlight on the International Rescue Committee- IRC | Talk CafeTalk Cafe

Ask for a black and white "engineering blueprint" of your photo from Staples/Office Depot and your pictures can be printed in large scale for around $5! Mount on insulation board or decoupage onto canvas.

  • YourBagWomen.Com

    What a great idea!

Cute Eco-friendly make up case by Conserve $24.99 in Rose and Patchwork as well.

Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Car. The word "Dymaxion" was coined by combining parts of three of Bucky's favorite words: DY (dynamic), MAX (maximum), and ION (tension).

blue sunset