Ummm this is pretty amazing idea!!! So clever: a handy way to organize fabric beautifully.

I need to get a filing cabinet for my sewing room so that I can do something like this. Fabric Storage Idea - in a filing cabinet. Via Eastwood Patchwork Quilters Inc.

fabric storage from @Linda Gardner

Fabric Storage and Fabric Organization Ideas

Fabric Storage and Fabric Organization Ideas - Here, she hung a curtain rod {from Ikea} on the wall and then used curtain rings or shower curtain rings to hang fabric. Be sure to secure your curtain rod in studs, because fabric can be heavy!

You need this for your scraps!

Fabric scrap storage (for quilting and applique') Over the door shoe organizer just one idea. I need to do something other than shove them in ziplocs in a trunk.

Fabric Storage

Convert your jumbled fabric stash into a well-ordered collection of mini-bolts -- youll feel like you have a mini fabric store inside your house! diy-crafts-fun-projects {kudzu says 'dammit why didn't i think of this 30 years ago}

fabric organization

Fabric Storage and Fabric Organization Ideas

Organizing fabric

What about hanging file folders? Use the metal hanger from the folder. DIY Fabric Organizer by Destri via Betty-Ann who repurposes a slack hanger and pairs each fabric length with the pattern she is going to use.

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