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GOT7 online Second set individual teaser image for Hard Carry

“[HQ] Jinyoung for Flight Log: Turbulence ”

[JJ Project for Céci Korea] Jr. - Jinyoung - credit in the source

[Translation] JB & Junior: Ceci January 2016 Interview “If it’s really a drama, whether it’s a happy ending, or a sad ending, whatever the ending might be it doesn’t matter because we are the drama.

GOT7 will make you swoon in individual teaser images for 'Turbulence'! |

Jinyoung flight log: turbulence // Can't tell how excited I am!


I was a little upset cause you didn't have a lot of lines in Nice but.

Junior GOT7

I'd love to see him play a hitman some day. in an all-black suit. of all the ways to die, I'd be pretty OK with that. although I hope he'd grant me one wish first.