Oooooo want to try this!

22 DIY Lamp Revamps

NYC Skyline Paper Lamp Shade - a Chicago Skyline Lamp shade would be perfection!

DID Cat Tent

DIY Cat Tent

Kış geliyor çok pratik bir çizim sanki cat tent with t-shirt 2 wire hangers and the card board case from canned cat food


Homemade Super Mario Bros Cat Climber I would do this. If I owned a house or a cat!

[ad] Create romantic home décor with hanging stained glass vases inspired by Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Want to create the explosive effects of fireworks in paint? This unique kids art project will blow you away. Its easy to paint fireworks i...

How to Paint Fireworks With Your Kids

Want to create the explosive effects of fireworks in paint? This unique kids' art project will blow you away. It's easy to paint fireworks in an illuminated sky. Brazilian Craft - Fireworks at Christmas

If I ever have rabbits again...

check this awedome bunny condo! They use organizer cubes as walls for a rabbit habitat and hold walls together and carpet/grass to the floor with zip ties.shower liner around the bottom to protect flooring.

Indoor Rabbit Housing - Bunny Approved - House Rabbit Toys, Snacks, and Accessories

6 fun gift wrap ideas for Christmas

My post featuring 5 easy gift-wrap ideas for kids’ presents is one of my most popular, so I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas version for the holidays. If, like us, you have a habit of finding yourself doing lastminute wrapping on Christmas

Wizard of Oz ceiling fan. -One ugly ceiling fan that still works and you can't justify throwing it away. -one can of apple green spray paint -Martha Stewart glitter -painters tape = ADORABLE

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