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My childhood in a nutshell

Things I had, wished I had, watched, played with and admired.

My childhood in a nutshell

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THIS determined my future.

i had this, i attached it to my bike.

  • Leslie Ross
    Leslie Ross

    Of course you did...

  • Kim Klumb
    Kim Klumb

    omg, dont even tell me you had that too

absolutely used to be my favorite show

i think i broke all of my fingers at one time or another during gym class on these things

"don't go, ill eat you up i love you so" - where the wild things are

i had rainbow brite sheets

Tuba-ruba. hell.yes.

haha so true.

my roommate just reminded me of these amazing little pieces of gold.

  • Kendall Duerr
    Kendall Duerr

    I used to steal her pink and green one...amazing...

  • Danielle S
    Danielle S

    Amy Sikorski - Do you remember these? We used to trade them at your house. :)

  • Nicole Rowe
    Nicole Rowe

    Old school

  • Pam

    Wow brings back memories! Where did u find these lol?!

mmhmm, both of my sisters had them, and Stephanie and DJ on Full House... but I NEVER GOT ONE.

coolest thing ever

um JILL?!

i can't stop

  • Jill Wiebell
    Jill Wiebell

    lol i hate you

who didn't have this

i just spent 2 hours trying to think of the name of this genius game.

how did i pass math as a child? by playing this. for HOURS

find the missing button

still a creepy concept

my dog chewed off the dogs nose, and the cats eye.

i would have to make this glow every single night.

  • Shala Smith
    Shala Smith

    Me too!!

hours, and hours of fun

to hold all of your strawberry shortcakes