Chocolate Margarita

Chocolate Margarita 1 ¾ oz silver tequila 1 ½ oz orange liqueur 1 oz Kahlua 1 oz half n half 1 ½ TBS chocolate syrup ice Oreo cookies

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Strawberry lemonade

homemade Strawberry lemonade

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Honey Ginger Lemonade

ginger lemonade - antibacterial, antifungal, promotes optimal digestion n cleanses the GI tract

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Blueberry Lime Margaritas

Blueberry Lime Margaritas Recipe

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orange soda float

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Mango Blossom

A delicious recipe for a Mango Blossom made with vodka and mango nectar #cocktailrecipes

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5 cups fresh coconut water (about 4 coconuts worth) 4 tablespoons lemon juice 4 tablespoons sugar 4-5 mint leaves, finely chopped 3/4 cup chopped tender coconut flesh, chopped

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Whiteout Cocoa

white chocolate cocoa

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Cake Batter Martini

Cake Batter Martini Click here to download Download whole gallery Ok this is pretty awesome, cookie monster cake! Click here to download Download whole gallery THE BEST SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE. Must try. Click here to download Download whole gallery

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Dirty Shirley: cherry vodka, grenadine, sprite.

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