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cucumber mint lemonade

Cucumber mint lemonade recipe: to a large pitcher of limeade or lemonade add one cucumber, thinly sliced, and a handful of chopped mint leaves. Sugar if desired. The longer it sits the more of the mint you will taste.

Can You Safely Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days?

Broccoli, Grape, and Pasta Salad - If you're a broccoli salad fan, you'll love this combination of colorful ingredients. Cook the pasta al dente so it's firm enough to hold its own when tossed with the tangy-sweet salad dressing. From Southern Living

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Indulge in these decadent Cookies and Cream Parfaits. This not your typical chocolate parfait recipe. You& especially love how crumbled sandwich cookies and fluffy chocolate mousse work together to make a chocolate dessert recipe that& to die for.

Visual motivator for weight loss - this blog has all kinds of ideas and crafts.

*Connoisseur of Creativity - Weight Loss Visual Motivation Jars & Marbles). This gal is on Weight Watchers and came up with idea so she could "see" her progress.

Egg-less cookie dough to eat. Not to bake. Just to eat. Every woman should have this recipe on hand... perfect for girls night in!

Eggless cookie dough to eat, not to bake! Just to eat :) Eggless Cookie Dough cup brown sugar cup butter, softened tsp. vanilla cup milk 1 cup flour Pinch salt cup chocolate chips mix all ingredients and done!