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ricotta ½ cup shredded Italian cheese blend 1 tsp Italian seasoning blend as needed non-stick spray ¼ tsp each salt and pepper

Tempo Runs - on guide on how to run tempos to become a faster runner that can go longer distances.

A how-to-guide on becoming faster while running longer by running tempo runs. These run will get you ready to run your goal race pace while increasing your aerobic fitness level.

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Frank Ching sketch uses diluted watercolour paints to highlight and draw attention to specific areas of the image. A contour line drawing overlays the colour.

DIY berry picker- genius!

DIY Berry Picker: This berry picker is made out of PVC pipe. Heat is used to shape the plastic. Two "fingers" at the working end do the picking. The berry then falls through the pipe and lands in a plastic bag tied to the other end.


Building with two point perspective effectively shows construction lines through the use of pencil. Depth and shadows are shown through the techniques of hatching and cross hatching.