Homemade flubber

Homemade Flubber Recipe and Borax Uses for Kids on Frugal Coupon Living. 15 of the most creative Borax Recipes and science experiments to create in the home. Hands-on science experiments for kids.

$2 for a mouthguard,  $0.5 cents for H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) & Baking Soda.  20 min a day x 2 weeks.  And after getting those Sparkly toofies, you will thank me for saving you $750.  Or maybe even more.

Cheap Homemade Teeth Whitening Solution,Pick up a cheap mouth guard at the local drug store. Mix Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda into a paste and fill up the mouth guard. Use for 20 min a day x 2 weeks.

Here are some simple and interesting, yet useful, life hacks.

25 Simple and Interesting (Yet Useful) Life Hacks - things you didnt know

The Power of Fiction

The Power of Fiction…

Why fictional characters and stories are important. Everyone should read this post.

Things in perspective. Forever repinning

Things in perspective…

Things in perspective. Our troops don't get enough recognition as it is and they have one of the hardest jobs out there and most do it without complaining. Thanks to the soldiers, sailors, marines, and air men and women who serve for our country!

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Everyday of my life

Funny Workplace Ecard: I got so much procrastinating done today.

glue gun stenciling.

Create a stencil with hot glue on wax paper (may need to soak it in water to get the glue off the paper). Lay the stencil on a shirt (or any other fabric), spray with Tulip fabric paint et voila!


I love those random memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life right now.--memories are always sweeter when shared with someone else

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BookBub alerts you to limited- time free and discounted ebooks matching your interests.

Josh Hutcherson <3

Josh Hutcherson - Natural Energy 7 This is a beautiful Natural Energy 7 Facial…

EVERY Target shopper NEEDS to know this: If the price ends in 8, it will be marked down again. If it ends in a 4, its the lowest it will be. Targets mark down schedule. - MONDAY: Kids Clothing, Stationery (office supplies, gift wrap), Electronics. TUESDAY: Womens Clothing and Domestics. WEDNESDAY: Mens Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty. THURSDAY: Lingerie, Shoes, Housewares. FRIDAY: cosmetics. This is maybe the best pin EVER

Target's mark down schedule: Monday - Kids’ Clothing, Stationery & Electronics // Tuesday - Women’s Clothing & Domestics // Wednesday - Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health & Beauty // Thursday - Lingerie, Shoes & Housewares // Friday - cosmetics

Understanding irrationality is a gift. Thank you for being a friend!

Daily Odd Compliment: Sometimes my brain shuts off, where I sort of just zone out for a while. And it's nice to know that when I snap out of it, I can turn to you and be like, "I think we should buy a lion," and you'll give it some serious consideration.

How to stay creative

33 Ways to Stay Creative. This list is going to stick with me for life. I am writing the list out now to pin into my sketchbook