5th Grade Fun Writing Activities/ Motivation Ideas!!!!

5th Grade Fun Writing Activities/ Motivation Ideas!!!!

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Musical chairs writing. When the music stops you pick up writing where the last person left off.

Musical Chairs Reading at Miss Sporn's Class


The Day the Crayons Quit. Teaches letter writing and persuasive text all in one while being absolutely hilarious.

The Day the Crayons Quit

  • Erin

    i saw this in a store and almost bought it, for myself. ;)

  • Lynda Medlin
    Lynda Medlin

    I used it for an inference lesson today. My kids had to guess the color after I read them the letter. They then had to pick and object and write a letter as if they were that object giving me clues so I could infer what they where. They loved it!!

  • )

    Poor grammar Linda!

101 Writing Prompts Idea in a Jar - like "What would you do if you found a pair of magical shoes?" or "Write a story about a robot that does your homework."

101+ Writing Prompts (with writing checklist)


For upper grades- These are AMAZING journal pages!! At first I thought it was for a paid product...but NO...click on the page you want, then go to the bottom of the next page and you can choose with or without a border! Lots of terrific pages!!!

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Choose a travel brochure and write a letter persuading your parents to take you there. Great Persuasive writing idea

Kindergarten Smiles: New Writing Center Addition...


Newspaper generator. Very cool -- type in your story, and the website makes it look like a newspaper article.

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Scholastic Story Starters - Great for the 6 Traits of Writing - Writing Ideas www.scholastic.co...

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Love this for first couple days of writing.

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  • Elizabeth Satiacum
    Elizabeth Satiacum

    This sounds like a great way to get to know NEW students, as a new tutor!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Yaneth Rodas
    Yaneth Rodas

    I like the way how it looks!

Each student comes up and picks a stick out of my hand; they have to place the word in the right cup. Then, after all sticks have been sorted, students can choose one stick from each cup and create a sentence using all three words. A great informal assessment!

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  • Dave C.
    Dave C.

    Neat idea! Can you upload lesson plan?

Fifth Grade Composition Activities: Book Spine Poems

Book Spine Poems

  • Stephanie DePaul-Pragel
    Stephanie DePaul-Pragel

    What fun!

How I Make Writing Fun as seen on Fifth Grade Flock www.fifthgradeflo...

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Writing "hooks"

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Printable comics for kid to write captions and dialogue.

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  • Belinda Battle
    Belinda Battle

    I love it!

  • Ferealem Sorensen
    Ferealem Sorensen


A whole bunch of writing prompts. These are pretty cool!

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  • Pauline Dong
    Pauline Dong

    Love these!

Angry Verbs... teaching linking and action verbs

The Heart of 3rd: Angry Verbs!


Sentence Writing - Expanding, adding who, what, when, where, why.. Board warm.up buy journals - buy it or make your own version!

Sentence Writing - Expanding, adding who, what, when, where, why


Print “washed out” pictures onto lined paper for writing letters. to create “washed out” pictures, copy & paste a picture onto word, select “format picture,” select “picture,” then under “image control” & “color” dropdown box, select “washout.” print and write your letter!

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The world's greatest essay, written by a 12-year-old who really, really hates plain doughnuts. This is probably my new favorite thing.

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subject predicate

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Haunted House Creative Writing Project

Clutter-Free Classroom: Haunted House Creative Writing Project


Photo prompts for journals

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Halloween book report. Decorate a pumpkin as your favorite character in the book you read! Could also do one for face character in writing!!!

2nd Grade Shenanigans: Just Call Me...The Life of the Party


writing idea...haunted house: feel, see, hear...descriptive writing

Fabulous in First: Halloween Fun


Author’s Purpose (for reading and writing)

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Class Writing Journals with Topics for Early Finishers

Teach-A-Roo: Whole Class Writing Journals!