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Bitch in Business (Parody of All About That Bass) - YouTube - Awesome!

Bitch in Business (Parody of All About That Bass)
  • Angie Yugo
    Angie Yugo


Ruth Bader Ginsburg street art

Help! My Husband Tried to Record My Friend Undressing.


"Feminists of Pinterest unite! I feel like we're an underground movement, like we're hidden among the masses of thinspo and heterosexism. I want a way to find you all and follow your boards so if you're a feminist and you want to find other feminist pinners REPIN! Spread the word!"

pretty dress #feminism

Tim Gunn Finds It ‘Repugnant’ That Designers Have ‘Absolutely No Interest’ in Designing Plus Size Clothing

Go, Hillary!

Dove has a beauty problem - the April and July 2013 beauty ads



"A lot of women don’t want a baby, and they don’t care whether or not the fetus is viable, or how much money is in their bank account. Where are their essays?" YES! "By monday my hormones were a little wonky but in all i just felt like this parasitic creature that burrowed its way into me and fed of my energy, apetite, [sic] and joy was removed. And I had been restored."

I am forever working against a culture of shame.

Yeah, 'cause that's good husband material right there. Disney is dangerous to women.

Talk Feminist To Me...


a fetus is not a universal "blessing."

  • Elle Stone
    Elle Stone

    And the fetus is not the worst of the problem... as if nine months of illness and a few weeks at least of disability, possible job loss, and excruciating pain that very well may last 24 hours. After that, you've got 18 years of legal responsibility to handle or arrange! I think even happy parents would agree that's like a sentence of a decade of hard labor. I'm trying to stay calm down here in Texas right now...thanks for posting.

  • Elle Stone
    Elle Stone

    *as if 9 mo...24 hours weren't enough.* Sigh.

  • Running Cat Mom
    Running Cat Mom

    Exactly. I hope the Texas legal battle is resolved in favor of women's health, well-being and autonomy.

"It's easier to lecture women on sexual morality than it is to explain why all Americans shouldn't have comprehensive fair, and equal health care coverage." Martha Plimpton

'Male privilege may be more obvious in other cultures, but in Western culture it's .. so ubiquitous that it’s invisible. It is so pervasive as to be normalized, and so normalized as to be visible only in its absence. The vast, vast, vast majority of institutions, spaces, and subcultures privilege male interests, but because male is the default in this culture, such interests are very often considered ungendered. As a result, we only really notice when something privileges female interests.'

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The future of online feminism #infografia #infographic #internet

What Everyone Is Missing About the Lauded New Dove Ad Campaign by David Zweig, Slate

  • Diane Tisseur | Photographer
    Diane Tisseur | Photographer

    While I do understand the message and points made in the article, I don't 100% agree w/ it. There's beauty in everyone, whether average or not. I know some quite unattractive people who became more and more beautiful as I got to know them. What are your thoughts on this?

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