Recipe for Floam

recipe for FLOAM!--rainy day craft for the 5 year olds that we are! :) Got to do this and let out my inner 5 year old !

Make your own jellyfish in a bottle.

Make your own jellyfish in a bottle.

DIY jelly fish in a bottle! just uses a transparent plastic grocery bag,plastic water bottles,thread,food coloring, and scissors

Love this idea for in the basement during the winter months!

Great for winter in the basement. DIY indoor kids gym (easy and frugal) hmm an indoor play ground. a good idea for those of us with winter half the year!

Deer Antler Ring Bronze Antler Ring 075

Whitetail Deer Bronze Adjustable Antler Ring-Perfect for your favorite lady who loves whitetail deer hunting!

DIY Slipper Boots!

Learning to crochet slipper boots is so much fun, and you can show others how to make crocheted slipper boots. They keep your feet so warm, cozy, comfortable, and they look so good too.

cute socks

Lacy Knee Socks / Boot Socks so i can wear with my boots or just around the house super cute!

Rainbow Shades

Rainbow Shades - where might I find these? I don't care to be taken seriously this summer.

country girl

Country Girl Store is the online source for Country Girl Women's Tops. Our Country Girl Women's clothing features fashion apparel with country themed graphics.

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