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FiftyFifty.Me Movies 2012

FiftyFifty.Me Movies 2012

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41. CHASING ICE - Stunning photos of shrinking glaciers taken by James Balog tell the terrifying message of climate change in a way statistics never could.

40. LIKE CRAZY - British girl overstays her American visa after falling in love with fellow student in LA which leads to innumerable relationship complications. Hubby's comment, "They didn't know how to end it so they just ended it." Also stars Jennifer Lawrence, of THE HUNGER GAMES.

39. THE BACKUP PLAN - The met on her way home from being artificially inseminated and doesn't know it, but she's pregnant. Hilarity (and a little bit of stupidity) ensues. It's cute, but a little dumb in spots. And what's up with her car being undriveable one minute at the farm and then being completely fine the next? The mother is dead, but the grandmother is endearing.

38. BOUNTY HUNTER - I just asked hubby to remind me what it was about the movie that made it not good. He said, "It was stupid." So there you have it. It also had a crazy mother in it, but that did not redeem it.

37. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS - Despite terrible reviews and a slapstick beginning where she hops onto a baggage carousel, hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Quirky enough and fun complete with a crazy mother.

36. THE WATCHMEN - I had to skip through so many parts of this movie because of the violence that I missed most of the plot. I only watched it because our book club is reading the graphic novel and I couldn't stand seeing the violence in that either. Obviously it's not my kind of stuff.

35. THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK - What's not to love about a movie about mentally ill runners that ends with a dance contest?

34. THE DHAMMA BROTHERS - Introduce Vipassana meditation to inmates in one of Alabama's worst prisons and what do you get? Changed lives.

33. THE UGLY TRUTH - Romantic comedy with lots of sexual content. Rated R with good reason. Gerard Butler plays a television talk show host whose "The (Ugly) Truth" exposes what men really want. Katherine Heigel is forced to produce his show in order to save her job. Sparks fly.

32. FLIGHT - Amazing story of how low one man had to go before hitting bottom. Denzel Washington plays a drunken, addicted airline pilot. The question is, if he hadn't been high, could he have saved most of the people on that plane?

31: JESSE OWENS (documentary - American Experience) - A sad story of an amazing athlete whose one decision (not staying in Europe to run as requested by the amateur athleteic assoc. after the Olympics) cost so much. "The story of the 22-year-old son of a sharecropper who triumphed over adversity to become a hero and world champion, Jesse Owens is also about the elusive, fleeting quality of fame and the way Americans idolize athletes when they suit our purpose, and forget them once they don't."

30. DOUBT - Awesome cast. Great story. Meryl Streep at her finest. Do we really know the truth?

29. THE LONG RUN - Fictional story of an illegal immigrant taken under the wing of an eccentric running coach determined to send her to the Comrades Marathon. It's a love story.

28. THE MAGIC OF BELLE ISLE - If only it were that easy to stop drinking and to start writing again! Still I loved this romantic drama. Morgan Freeman is always a favorite.

27. LIBERAL ARTS - Set in Gambier, Ohio on Kenyon College and also features The Acorn bookstore in Grandview, Ohio

26. SPARKLE. Not Whitney Houston's finest hour, but nice to see her daughter do well. Loved the sultry music and the glittery dresses and the remembrances of those motown days.

25. MARATHON CHALLENGE. Documentary about turning couch potatoes into marathoners. Inspiring.

24. PEOPLE LIKE US - Did Michelle Pfeiffer have work done?

23. THE PERFECT FAMILY - Did a great job of revealing the hypocritical teachings of the Catholic church and the way it fails its parishioners as well as how out of touch it is with the times. Loved it!

22. Finally saw THE HANDMAID'S TALE. I always thought separation of church and state was a good idea. Now I'm sure.

21. DARLING COMPANION - Diane Keaton, Kevin Klein and Casey (starring as "Freeway") star in this love story about dogs, couples, marriage and family. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

20. WONDER BOYS - Someone told me this was one of the best books about writing ever written, but they didn't tell me about Poe, the dog. I wouldn't have watched if I'd known about the dog. And yet, we had to know what happened so we watched the whole thing.

Wonder Boys Movie Poster #3

19. BULLY - If the purpose of the movie was to raise awareness and make people think, it did its job. But it left me wish so many questions. I wish we could have heard what the parents of the bullies had to say. Do they even know their children are acting like this? Is it really the school's responsibility? Did the school officials realize they were on tape? Have schools become too lenient out of fear of retribution by parents who say the schools are too harsh? Is there a solution?

18. JOE GOULD'S SECRET - A writer writes about a writer who isn't writing and after, he doesn't write.

17. STAND AND DELIVER. Wow. The movie was based on the true-life story of an east L.A. teacher who turned around problem high school students helping huge numbers of them pass the A.P. Calculus test. This is a photo of the real Jamie Escalante and some of his students. He died in 2010 at 79.

Jaime Escalante, teacher who was subject of Stand and Deliver, dies at 79