I want this!

Statue (for the home)! Trina I instantly thought of you! Omgosh Aimee LOL that is so hilarious!

The origin of pugs Art Print

The origin of pugs Art Print

I missed my pug Mochi so much while I was at work that I started drawing about him on the subway on my way to and back from work. I posted these drawings on

Diagnosed Pugaholic by stevebluey

Pug: Recent Gifts & Merchandise

Diagnosed Pugaholic by stevebluey-- this is so me


If I could have another tattoo it would be of my pug Baby just like this. I love the realism.

this will be at my future house one day.

Unique Handmade Pug Dog Mailbox I want one!

Peter the Pug on our Top Dogs #stamps #dogs.

We should have stamps like this all the time. Love it, so much better than the usual stuff !