1959 illustration/consumer reports magazine

Nothing like the sound of music being played from a vinyl record and coming out of tinny speakers via a record player.

Protect yourself

Atomic Bombing…How To Protect Yourself, - crouching under your school desk was one suggestion . I remember this and it always scared me.

1950's Atomic Ranch House: Vintage 1957 Space Race Card Game

OK, so I got them anyways, even though I said I wouldn't in my post less than an hour ago.

Rocket to the Stars at the 1939 New York World’s Fair

Front Cover of Popular Science Magazine: April 1930 Premium Poster

Enchanted Tiki Room tribute by Shag.

Another painting by Shag for The Enchanted Tiki Room's anniversary. This pic reminds me of my favorite part of the Tiki Room - when the lights went out and you could see lightining and pouring "rain" outside the fake windows.