quick appetizer - this is a very quick and simple snack. We even ate this for dinner :) Just like pizza! Enjoy!! J.S.

Pepperoni and Cheese Crescents


Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas – 21 Pics

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How to Make Macaroni and Cheese Waffles | Serious Eats

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Keeley McGuire: Lunch Made Easy: 20 Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas for Kids!

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striped ice cubes

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funny fried chicken cookies

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pb&j on a stick

Peanut Butter & Jelly On A Stick


pie crust leaves

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How-Tuesday: Stamped Peppermint Candy on Etsy

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A great guide to cooking grains.

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Sunday baking idea: a small batch of cinnamon rolls.

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outdoor catering display

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Coffee ice cubes + Original Almond Breeze almond milk = YUM!

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Get crunchy with lunch! Mix up granola and peanut butter and spread between two thick apple slices for a hearty, fruity sandwich. Also use Carmel in the middle for a dessert

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DIY Painted Sugar Cookies - an easy and fun treat to make with the kids!

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use leftover or clearance mini candy canes to make Candy Cane Hearts for Valentines. Genius!

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Here’s an easy way to keep your wraps from crumbling, and keep the ingredients where they belong — in one place! To reheat tortillas, cover them with a damp cloth towel, then wrap them in aluminum foil and pop them in a 250° oven for 10–15 minutes. They’ll come out warm and pliable, and won’t tear or fall apart! | Cuisine at Home

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spray cooking oil on the bottom of a cupcake (muffin) pan, take the tortilla shells (found in the bread section) arrange them on the pan. Bake at 375 degrees ferenheit (OR 180 degrees celcius) for 10 min. (oven temps vary so check on them after 8 min.

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Cookie bowls! Genius! Then put ice cream in. bout to go do this right now!!

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Oven Tacos (love these. My husband's "favorite taco ever". Made them exactly as written, and will do so many times over in the future.)

MIH Recipe Blog: Oven Tacos


One-pan garlic & lemon chicken with green beans & red potatoes

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Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

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I love these! FLOUR TORTILLAS 3 cups flour 1 tsp. salt 1/3 cup vegetable oil 1 cup warm water Combine all the flour, salt, vegetable oil, and water until it forms a dough. Roll the dough into a big ball and take about an 1 to 2 inch pieces off. Pat the dough flat with your hands or take a rolling pin and roll into circles. Put the dough on a flat pan on the stove and let the sides cook until there are little brown specks on both sides like you would see on other tortillas.

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Did not know you could do this! Inject food coloring in lemons- serve with water or in dishes to fit color theme of event

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