Micro teacup yorkie!

micro mini yorkie :)My yorkie is all grown up and I still think she is cute. This yorkie is still a baby, so he will change a bit in the next few months. By virtue of the fact that he is a yorkie he will always be a cutie!


Blood hound puppy :) So cute I can hardly stand it! Babyyyy buy me one! I want one! Forget the chinchilla I want one of these!

dog beds

Old suitcase pet beds.for my never allowed inside dog! But cute idea.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie  Pamper your pooch by building a bed made from an unused side table.

DIY Furniture Transformations

dog bed from side table with top & door removed. My grandma had one of these octogone side tables i used to always think that it would make a good small dog bed!

mmm, chickens. dreamy

Back yard Chickens I see one thing missing from this scene. It's the hens scratching favorite plants out of the ground as they dig a pit in the dirt to dust themselves. The downside of having free range hens!

Yorkie puppy

"Could this puppy be any cuter? Maxwell (Yorkshire Terrier Puppy) - How can you put a cap on cuteness, wonders Maxwell." omg i want a Yorkie named Duke and a Sheep Dog named Maxwell.


My Chole is an escape artist. She will even climb the fence to come get me. She is more cat than yorkie. She is adorable.

Love Mine!

i want a goat so bad. everyone in my house thinks im crazy. but i would do anything for a girl pygmy goat kid.


Artist Greg Olsen - I Love New Yorkies Shelley's very most favorite painting by Greg Olsen. I have a limited edition print - of

Enjoying Mardi Gras !

Mint Julip, a Yorkshire terrier belonging to Ray and Martha Jones, basks in the attention of the crowd during the Mardi Gras Dog Parade. (Devon Ravine/The Northwest Florida Daily News)

Almost cute enough to make me want to live in the country so I could have Pygmy goats.

Goats in boots! (っ◔‿◔)っ♡ or if you don't have puss n boots just use goats