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Battle weary hero with medal for bravery...Sgt. Stubby. 17 Battles. Captured German spy. Nearly killed by nerve gas; he was able to alert soldiers to its presence.

British Forces - Stubby

Lieutenant Colonel John Alexander McCrae (November 30, 1872 – January 28, 1918) was a Canadian poet, physician, author, artist and soldier during World War I and a surgeon during the Second Battle of Ypres, in Belgium. He is best known for writing the famous war memorial poem “In Flanders Fields”.

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A Salute To Australia's Animal Military

A Salute To Australia's Animal Military

Girl Scouts in 1916 collect peach pits during World War I, which were ground up and used to filter soldiers' gas masks. Girl Scouts rock.

Girl Scouts at 100: Courage, character... and cookies

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On Remembrance Sunday, the last Tommy makes a moving plea to honour soldiers before it's too late

Harry Patch. Harry was the last Tommy to survive the horror of the trenches of WWI. He died aged 111 in 2009. He never forgot those lost and always made sure to remember lost Germans as well as Allied troops. A quote from Harry: "Irrespective of the uniforms we wore, we were all victims."

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This is a picture of a French soldier in World War I wearing a gas mask. It is interesting to note that even his dog is fitted with a gas mask just for him. Also notice in the background, there appears to be two men carrying the wounded from the battlefield.

Old Picture of the Day

Roselle, the 9/11 Hero and Guide Dog, who led her blind owner and others down 78 flights of stairs in Tower One of the World Trade Center moments before it collapsed

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Sargent Stubby, first dog to fight for our country in WW1, a pit bull, it's a shame what people have done to this breed.

Top 20 World-Famous Animals - Listverse

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Famous American Pit Bull Terriers

Sergeant Stubby died on March 16, 1926, as a hero, yet today, many people do not know who he is. Sergeant Stubby is the most decorated dog in military history, and the only dog to have been promoted during battle. He fought for 18 months in the trenches for France during WW1 for 17 battles. Stubby warned his fellow soldiers of gas attacks, located wounded soldiers in No Man's Land, and listened for oncoming artillery rounds. He was also responsible for the capture of a German spy at Argonne…

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Airedale terriers and Irish terriers were messenger dogs during WW1 and WW2

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Horrie the Wog Dog, the four-legged mascot and campaigner attached to the 2/1st Machine Gun Battalion, seen here standing on a fuel can wearing his Corporal's uniform. 'Horrie the Wog Dog' was a ...