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Mystic Hibiscus

GreatiStuff: Mystic Hibiscus

I've loved this drawing for a couple years now. And I love how the artist made it seem to glow.

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Self Portrait by Nikos Gyftakis Medium: oil pastel

Nikos Gyftakis | Artwork | Saatchi Art

Portraits in Swirls of Paint / Chris Slabber

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Living Paintings: Pics, Videos, Links, News: This is a real grapefruit that has been painted to look like a painting. Amazing.

BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: Living Paintings

katherine tromans

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this is way too awesome. I want this art blown up, all over my walls.

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Kultstatus | C H R Y S E L E P H A N T I N E |

WOLFCUB | Page 2



WAKE - via Phil Jones


WAKE Art Print by Phil Jones | Society6

Jerome Karsenti

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by Markus Linnenbrink

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Watercolor by Chantal Jodin looks like they basically just ran the colors down to give a reflection effect

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Lesson on How to Draw or Paint a Water Drop | This is an Illustration of "Perspective" Giving a 2-D space the illusion of 3D all using shading/highlights. Amazing.

Creator's Joy: Lesson on How to Draw or Paint a Water Drop

Thrive | Yellena James

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Colleen Wilcox

Colleen Wilcox Art-Hawaii based Tropical & Surf Artist

The Tree of Life by artist Laura Zollar @Karen Jacot Jacot Jacot Syverson - made me think of the tattoo idea you described the other night

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Love what the artist said here: "splash of colors, accidents with paint will be always welcome on my studio." #colorblend

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Japanese Maple | Sidra Kaluszka

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if i could be an artist, this is what i'd like my work to look like. beautiful watercolors.....check out her blog.

Look up | The Sketchbook

Colors of Fall by Mary Gibbs