DIY Old T-shirt Crochet Rug

DIY: Old T-shirt Crochet Rug - Tutorial included. Less strain on the hands than Crochet with the t-shirt yarn itself?

tee-re-do; these are beautiful

Spring Top Week Top: Take 2

I wish someone would make me one of these adorable ruffle shirts! (I have no sewing skills) Tea Rose Home: Tutorial~Ruffle shirt~

Beautiful Rug From Old T-Shirts

DIY Easy Weave and Sew Rug from Old T-shirts - want to do a braided rug someday

t shirt yarn

This is for when I actually make t-shirt yarn. How to make t-shirt yarn & joining the ends of t-shirt strips + 4 t-shirt yarn projects

Recycle t-shirts into dishcloths

collection of things you can do with old t-shirts, from dish rags to scarves to headbands to wreaths to rugs. People get rid of t-shirts all the time, and they're constantly given away. These are some great ideas. Old t-shirts can be fun to dye too!

DIY Homeopathic Hot Packs (A Tutorial)

Hot Packs Tutorial by Lil Blue Boo - Old sock, rice, & rose oil

t shirt shag rug - great way to use up all the kids' old tshirts,

This is from old Tees shirts so can go well in the bottom of the dogs kennel when cut to size : How to make your very own… SHAG RUG! And theyre so easy and cheap. Great for a student on a budget who just wants to get comfy!