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The Gourd Art Festival - The world's largest festival of gourds!

Contemporary fine craft curated by Susan Lomuto | Daily Art Muse

Gourd Carving Art by Artist Marilyn Sunderland #Art #Food

Custom Carved Gourds by Marilyn Sunderland

Horse. Carved and Sculptured Gourds Created with Passion by Phyllis Sickles


Gourd Art by Rosario Wilke featuring GourdMaster Transparent Acrylics and Metallic Inks

Welburn Gourd Farm|Gourds

Exquisitely carved, drilled, and etched gourd shells shipped from Senegal. The elaborate patterns are not just for show, though – they are made to cast spectacular light displaces on interior ceilings, walls and floors.

12 Gorgeous Gourds: Tropical Lamps Swirl Light & Shadow