Amanda | Mrs. Richardson's Class
Amanda | Mrs. Richardson's Class
Amanda | Mrs. Richardson's Class

Amanda | Mrs. Richardson's Class

Welcome! I'm Amanda Richardson and I blog at Mrs. Richardson's Class. I enjoy pinning all things for Kinder, 1st & 2nd grade classrooms as well as teacher tips!

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Progress Monitoring for Sight Words

Sight word data tracking doesn't have to be tricky! See how this teacher made it easy for herself and engaging for students!

Meet the Teacher Tips

This EDITABLE list of things from A-Z is perfect to tell parents all about your classroom! It's a must-have for sure for back to school time!

Making Sight Words Stick

These sight word games are great fun for my students! They are simple, easy to do on the run or when you have a few minutes of time to fill! Grab this sight word game freebie to use them in your class!

Reptiles Unit: Fact Pages, Life Cycle, Interactive Notebook Pages, and More

Reptiles Unit for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade! It's such a simple way to integrate reading, writing, science, and research! Everything you need is right there!

Memorial Day Flip Up Book

Memorial Day flip up book activity is perfect for integrating reading, writing, and social studies as little learners learn all about memorial day!

4 Must-Have Apps for Elementary Teachers

There are tons of great apps for students to use, but what about apps for teachers to use as they are teaching? This short group of 4 apps are definitely must-haves for any elementary teacher!

Using Sentence Stems During Partner Talk

Partner talk is an important piece of helping students solidify their learning and practice academic vocabulary. Using sentence stems helps support students in this in various ways. I love the tips this teacher shares!

Using Go Noodle During Writer's Workshop

The Primary Powers bloggers have teamed up with the fabulous people from GoNoodle to share some great ideas for implementing GoNoodle in the classroom and some great prizes! Be sure to read to the end because you won’t want to miss this! I wanted to share with you how I have used GoNoodle during Writer’sMore

Classroom Organization Tips

I’m going to share some of my classroom organization tips for keeping it all together in the classroom. As I have shared before, I have moved my classroom many times. The first year I moved, I invested in good, sturdy tubs that made it both easy to keep my things organized and easy to move.More

Making Connections Through Read Alouds

Teaching students how to make connections is one of the first skills I teach. Using interactive read alouds to do this is the perfect opportunity to engage learners and get them thinking!