tracy cheramie ?.....I have the reversed Blonde brunette ombre hair. I LOVE this look because it last so long. No need to for touch ups and when your feeling that sudden need for change, a little splash of bright hip temp color on the blonde sets it off!

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Long, sexy and sleek. This hair style goes good with about any outfit. To learn how to do these fabulous beach waves, just scroll down and you will see a picture with a girl with blonde hair. If you read the caption there are directions there. Have fun!


Dedicated to showing people that long hair can be awesome sometimes but it isn't always a good thing. -This blog is not gender specific. I accept both girl and boy submissions -The red hair posts are benefits, the blonde-ish ones are problems -I will...

God continually reminds me to walk on His path instead of creating my own. In this chaotic world, choose to follow Christ and the simple mishaps will be placed together, perfectly as He intends. This blog represents all the little things I appreciate.

I just love this photo, it's so simple but also has so many elements that make it amazing. The newspaper wall in another language, her perfectly messy hair, dark sultry eyes and beautiful face features. The photo also has great lighting and shadows.

Cynthia . 21 . Australia Previous 2015 Fall Exchange Student at Seoul National University, Korea Status: Still suffering from Post-Exchange Syndrome"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci

This is so sick, this is why women constantly feel inferior, how are you supposed to be happy when pictures like this suggest that females should have waists. So dumb. Create your own norms, this is absurd, beauty is beautiful in all sizes.