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Stevie Nicks

Stevie ~ ☆♥❤♥☆ ~ posing for the camera, wearing her now-iconic pale blue floppy velvet beret; Photo taken by Herbert W.

What travels down an alley and has holes in it. My parents! Omg no, it's a bowling ball! I'm so sorry.

I shouldn't find this so funny, but seriously. "What travels down an alley and has holes in it?" "My parents?

If the Avengers were cats.

If the Avengers were cats, Tony would totally be a sleek Siamese in purrfectly tailored armor. And the Hulk would definitely be a big fluffy Persian - or a Maine Coon. <<<< And they wouldn't be the Avengers. They'd be the Aveng-purrs.

Stevie Nicks

Live photos of Stevie Nicks on opening night of her "In Your Dreams" U.S tour on August 2011 at Red Rocks Colorado.

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams - 1977 Writer: Stevie Nicks Album = Rumours Song Lyrics

Fleetwood Mac - "Dreams" song lyrics - (Stevie Nicks) - "Thunder only happens when it's raining.Players only love you when they're playing.Say women they will come and they will go.When the rain washes you clean, you'll know, you'll know"