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Saatchi Online Artist Surajit Chatterjee

Saatchi Online Artist Surajit Chatterjee i want a hug like this ):

Seeing cairns always reminds me to stop, breathe, and live in the moment.

Victoria & Albert Museum World Beach Art, Stone Mosaic Garden Inspiration —studio 'g' garden design and landscape inspiration and ideas Studio G, Garden Design & Landscape Inspiration


If only more ppl did that Saatchi Online Artist: Henri Banks; Paper, Mixed Media "Think"

Isis: She who gives birth to heaven and earth, She who knows the orphan, She who knows the widow spider, She who seeks justice for the poor people, She who seeks shelter for the weak people.    Queen of Heaven,  Mother of the Gods,  The One Who is All,  Lady of Green Crops,  The Brilliant One in the Sky,  Star of the Sea,  Great Lady of Magic,  Mistress of the House of Life,  She Who Knows How To Make Right Use of the Heart,  Light-Giver of Heaven,  Lady of the Words of Power,  Moon Shining…

Isis is the feminine archetype for creation; she is the goddess of fertility and motherhood. She has gone by many names and played many roles in history and mythology - as goddess and female creator. The Goddess Isis -

The Wanderer: cover designed by Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey, cover design for 'The Wanderer' (Le Grand Meaulnes) by Alain Fournier. Published by Doubleday/Anchor 1953

You are looking at an artistic picture called "Oasis in the Badlands". It was created in 1905 by Edward S. Curtis.  The picture presents an Oglala Sioux Indian man (Red Hawk) on a horse that is drinking at desert oasis. The Indian is in full traditional dress, and has a war bonnet

This photo is called ' Oasis at Badlands' the photo presents an Oglala Sioux Indian Man {Red Hawk} on horseback, which is drinking from a desert oasis. Red Hawk is in full traditional dress and wears an Indian War Bonnet ~ 1905 ~ Photo by Edward S.

The glasses John Lennon wore when he got shot, 31 years ago.

Funny pictures about The glasses John Lennon wore when he was shot 31 years ago. Oh, and cool pics about The glasses John Lennon wore when he was shot 31 years ago. Also, The glasses John Lennon wore when he was shot 31 years ago photos.

The supreme law of the land is the Great Spirit's law, not man's law. —Hopi [Indian Paint Brush, by Thomas Blackshear]

Thomas Blackshear, Indian Paint Brush, originally titled Spirits of the West. The name was changed to Indian Paint Brush when Blackshear discovered that there was a flower in the west named Indian Paint Brush.

Man Ray, Autoportrait

Man Ray / Autoportrait / 1933 / mixed media: bronze, glass, wood, and newsprint