"Bucklist: Lay in the middle of the road." Also to stand on those yellow lines in the middle of the road that divide the lanes.

tutus and heels- bestfriends =)

Take photos w your best friend in poofy dressed and stilettos --- aww I would so love to do this with my close friends! Get all dolled up with my besties and take photos with them! Gives me such a great idea


light summer rain cooling the day, tap dancing, whirling rings of water and the bloop bloop bloop of fish kissing the surface . the simple things in life are the best


My favorite thing is walking out in nature and seeing the sun hit the snow. Suddenly you are surrounded by jewels more dizzying than any diamond ring. Can't wait to be in the snow

Dancing in the rain

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain:) I love the essence of this picture with the ballet clothes and the umbrella and the lighting

Romantic couples in rain Are you in romantic mood ?Couples need not want a special place to share their love.Sometimes they many share the love in rain.See some pics of couples who are enjoying and s

flower power

Make a wish! Here is a virtual dandelion wish, make a wish and pass it on or rather blow the seeds to the wind.