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Beautiful Surreal Organic Robotic Sculptures by Pierre Matter

French sculptor Pierre Matter& body of work thematically revolves around the surreal idea of featuring a combination of organic and mechanical materials i


From the artist: Inspired by the Raoul Hausmann’s “Mechanical Head” and Photomontage art of John Heartfield, I tried new Berlin Dada in steampunk style. ZYGOSIS - Anatomical Architecture by Kazuhiko.

vanitas - Google Search

Usually you see skulls with more depressing things like dungeons or chains, but this is interestingly modern with the alarm clock, starbucks and ipod.

H.R. Giger, Work No. 456, New York City VI (Torso)

H.R. Giger, Work No. New York City VI (Torso) - While researching for my future aesthetic, I remembered H R Giger and I considered what it would be like for humans to become exceedingly integrated with technology and vice versa.