Golden Laced Wyandotte, a breed of chicken originating in the United States. The hens are devoted mothers. (Photo by Hauke Hille)

The redhead.

Swinhoe's Blue Pheasant - "Do they not see the birds, constrained in the middle of the sky? None withholds them but Allah; most surely there are signs in this for people who believe.

Ayam Cemani rooster   Ayam Cemani is a breed of chicken, originating in Indonesia. It is a rarely kept breed.   Darth Rooster!

Ayam Cemani rooster is a breed originating in Indonesia. The birds are completely black: black plumage with a greenish shine, black legs and toe nails, black beak and tongue, black comb and wattles, black meat and bones and even dark blood and organs.

blue partridge Brahma

blue partridge Brahma - maybe the prettiest chicken i've ever seen

Chocolate Bantam Orpington

chocolate orpington bantam, I used to have a blue bantam like this who would jump in my arms whenever she was afraid.

Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles - a timid, sweet, gentle natured backyard chicken. My Rooster is part salmon favorelle.

Wow! Trying To See From Under The Feathers

Egg Color: Chickens with white earlobes (like this one) lay white or lightly tinted eggs. Chickens with red earlobes most commonly lay brown eggs. There are a few exceptions, of course.

Cochin Frizzle,white Silkie    Chickens By Stphen Green-Armytage

It's the roost. Calm your feathers. ♥♥♥ Previous pinner posted: Cochin Frizzle,white Silkie Chickens By Stphen Green-Armytage

Bantam Buff Laced Frizzle Polish rooster

Bantam Buff Laced Frizzle Polish rooster "My next chickens raised will be the booted bantams. So much fun and cute to boot. I let loose in the gardens and they make good mothers- compostpyle"

Porcelain D'Uccle

In Victorian times they were kept as garden pets. grown cocks are close to the size of cornish rock hens

Luxury Chicks fashion chicken photos by Peter Lippmann

Luxury Chicks, A Fashion Photo Series With Chickens

These fantastically fancy chickens were photographed by Peter Lippmann for a series appropriately entitled Luxury Chicks for the French magazine Marie Claire [via Neatorama]

silkie blue earlobes

Yes, I have turquoise earlobes~ Partridge nonbearded silkie Someone told me earlobes indicate the color of the eggs they produce

Dark Brahma Hen

"That, sir, is an extraordinary chicken!" Dark Brahma Hen, from Extraordinary Chickens, a chicken portraits book by photographer Stephen Green-Armytage