How to clean your makeup brush. This is great for if you have a formula you like, but hate the brush, just clean & swap it!

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How to remove acrylic or gel nails from home using only dental floss! This actually works! Saving this for the future...

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I experienced a drastic hair loss/thinning that was sudden and no cause was diagnosed. I started using the grow new hair treatment and the change has been dramatic! So many people comment on how much thicker my hair has become. pretty much back to normal. . I have never been so impressed with a product line in all by adult life! I will admit it has taken time but I honestly saw a difference after one month. I am so happy I found a natural alternative.

DIY! Banish acne & acne scars with a Monster Mash Mask. (Always remember to test it on a patch of skin or on the inner part of your wrist to see if you have any sort of irritation to these ingredients). Things needed: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Honey, Bowl & Measuring Spoon (1/4 teaspoon will do or smaller). 1) Wash your face as you normally do 2) Take a fourth of a teaspoon of each ingredient & mix. This will turn into a thick paste, which you can put directly on your acne flare up or all over, but…

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