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cute work outfit

Just need the polka dot top black pants, white/black polka-dot blouse, black blazer, black flats, and pink watch w pearl necklace

Coupon Categories And Subcategories For Organizing Coupons (2 pages)

Use a grocery price book to compare grocery prices in your area, to know what the rock bottom sales price is and predict sales cycles. Also use this free printable template to create your own grocery price list.

Smoothie LOTS of smoothie recipes

Easy to make hemp seed protein shamrock shake recipe. Main ingredients are low fat cottage cheese, hemp seed protein powder, ice cubes and mint extract.

FYI, that's when Jesus invented the high five!

Funny pictures about The Three Days Rule. Oh, and cool pics about The Three Days Rule. Also, The Three Days Rule photos.

....then again....

The shit you hear about me might be true, but then again, it could be as fake as the bitch who told you. Look at the source!

"I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen." —Say Anything

She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen." — Lloyd Dobbler, Say Anything. My favorite Movie If you haven't seen it go watch it now it will put you in the best mood so great:)