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I am just not romantic in the customary way. If I do something while I'm alone to let u know I thought of u, like planting a garden for u to enjoy, I'm in love

With all routine back breaking work you should really try to find the moments that can make up your day, so here are some of the most funniest quotes that we dearly hope will make up your day and p…

I'm a girl and I play call of duty all three time then I get on pintrest...I started at I have I have created three boards and probably pinned over 1000 pounds

Let's just say his mouth was close enough to my ear it felt gross...tried to get away as quickly as possible without making a scene! Seriously wiped my ear with a germ x cloth!


If you are a Bowling Lovers, check out this Bowling collection, you may like it :)

Just bought 2 more sets of pyjamas - chose the style for comfort and the pattern for pleasure. Good to sleep off the chronic pain when it hits so hard it pushes my brain out of focus.

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