This set of 30 exit slips helps facilitate higher order thinking and thoughtful written response after students have reflected on a lesson or topic. Using these slips will help you collect formative assessments on your students throughout the school year and provide insight on how your students relate to what they learn each day!

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THE 30 DAY HAPPY TEACHER CHALLENGE (Free Download) - If you are trying to get a better handle on the home/school workload, feel better about your day, and just be overall a more positive and happy person - this FREE download is for you! Use this to start the new year off right, or use it for ANY month of the year!


Dream of the stars;


Classy classroom chevron mailboxes

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Want a head start on next year's planning? Why reinvent the wheel? I created file folders for each week and run an extra copy of any resource I use to reference next year on that week. I also jot down notes on a planning template to make planning easier too. Lesson plan template and file labels included in my "Teacher's File Cabinet." Link in profile. #getahead #worksmarternotharder #organization

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Parent Teacher Conference Form! Checklist for students' strengths & areas for improvement. Open space to write in test results, grades, & ways for parents to help at home. This form would make Parent Teacher Conferences so much easier and save lots of time!!

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FREE Conference Reminder Note

Book drop idea for classroom library

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Over 900 pages - many editable parts and tons of options. $

Classroom Decor

Classroom organization is important! My teacher binder helps me stay organized all year. Here are some of my favorite tips and ideas for putting together the best teacher binder. See my lesson plan templates, teacher binder covers, and more! (I can't live without number 5)

Putting Together The Ultimate Teacher Binder - One Stop Teacher Shop

Parent Teacher Conferences: 10 Tips and Tricks by Create-abilities

Parent Teacher Conferences: 10 Tips and Tricks

AMAZING Principal Blog

The Principal Blog

A way to display students' works

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Students don't ask me for pencils anymore. No one leaves the room until all pencils are back on the board. :). The kids LOVE it! Pencil management system

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a way to organize students' turned in work. Wet erase markers!

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Bags at the dollar store for each student to store their independent reading books, reading response notebooks, writer's notebooks, word work notebooks, post-it notes and a pencil. I put a command hook on each desk for them to keep their bag. It has been so much easier than finding a place to store bulky book boxes and the kids love to carry them around the classroom.

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OBSESSED with this word wall!! Just use a clothespin to hang the words on the ribbon!

educationjourney: Five For Friday

Time to Reorganize: Tips From Two Teachers -- Come get inspired to reorganize your space!

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Use vinyl transfers to make semi-permanent decals for words you don't want to have to rewrite everyday. LOVE THIS for daily homework!!

36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

Simple Uncluttered classrooms! Classrooms decorated following the whole brain concept of teaching

Spring Cleaning

Tips for Creating and Managing Classroom Jobs {job charts, student jobs, classroom management}

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Take a photo of what a bin should look like. Kids can’t be dismissed until the bins look like they do in the photograph. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Good idea to label files with binder clips so the labels face up

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More ideas for address labels than I knew.

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"plain plastic cups from the grocery store. we drill 2 holes in them and use zip ties through the peg board to keep them in place!" - Something's hiding there via Flickr

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