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We don't normally enjoy loitering around what is essentially a corpse, but when it's a Final Fantasy game that was in production at a Swedish studio,.

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Rhinoceros Beetle - Finished by ~Malicious-Monkey on deviantART

Rhinoceros Beetle - Finished by ~Malicious-Monkey on deviantART. Hilarious, how about a stag beetle?

Snake Dragons by ~beastofoblivion on deviantART

A couple of hastily scribbled dragons based on snakes (the green tree python, peruvian long tail boa, and rosy boas). Sorry guys I haven't been keeping up with messages hardly at all, things have b.

Stock image of 'Skull of the person'

Stock image of 'Skull of the person'

волны рисунок - Поиск в Google

Set from of the four borders with the waves (can be repeated and scaled in any size) photo