Layers The jacket is phenomenal, boots are awesome and will coordinate with all things casual, leather backpack color coordinates well with the boots and overall outfit. here is a great mix of color and texture.


Grab Laptop Folio . Classic

The Grab Laptop Folio by is worth buying on looks alone. Add to that these features and how could you not buy it. Features include: Fits a range of MacBooks, as well as many tablets Pure German Wool Felt to protect from bumps and scratc

.Kanye West

How a scarf adds style & flair to a man's outfit. This egotist (Kanye West) actually knows how to dress. Red, black & white Louis Vuitton scarf worn over a white shirt & tucked into a gray/ black & white stripe blazer jacket.


Aimé Leon Dore 2014 Debut Collection: New York-based label Aime Leon Dore is set to launch its online platform, one which will coincide

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There are 8 tips to buy this sweater: nike baggy pants hip hop sweatshirt pants shoes top urban menswear mens sweatpants mens high top sneakers shirt t-shirt bandana print pyrex pyrex supreme nike air black fashion clutch harem pants f*** jordans.

Sometimes less is more. This is relevant of both fashion accessories and our selection of Instagram posts. This week in our best and worst #mensfashion shots we've got creepy hats, white Hermes belts and an amazing green suit. Enjoy.  For more men's fashion inspiration follow us on Instagram.

Green suits are super rare and mostly out of good reason. These suits thou are pretty good looking. I guess it’s mainly a cultural thing that we wear blue suits instead of green.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams: 'My music is so much bigger than me, and what I am'

Pharrell Williams - "Up all night to get lucky!" In a vest, LV belt, pink dress shirt

Black men hair

of David Banner gives fans some new music. This one is titled “Burning Thumbs”. This was the first track recorded during the sessions for his upcoming project The God Box. This didn’t make the cut but Banner dropped it anyway. Hit page 2 for the audio.