House “Cubo” in SP. Brasil by Isay Weinfeld

CASA CUBO :: São Paulo, Brazil ( ArchitectIsay Weinfeld ) Stunning, the beauty of the wood and the hanging staircase.

Metropol Parasol // The World’s Largest Wooden Structure - Seville (Spain)

Metropol Parasol // The World’s Largest Wooden Structure

"Rendezvous" Abstract Giclee at Neiman Marcus.

Rendezvous Abstract Giclee

Abstract giclee featuring strokes of blue bursting through muted neutrals. x Hand-applied brush gel finish. Framed without glass in a silver-leaf float frame.


mixed-media portraits by Montreal based artist Louis Boudreault .They are part of a series titled “Destiny”, as these are the childhood portraits of such greats as Picasso, Warhol, van Gogh, Elvis etc. via The jealous curator

Zargos Vasconcelos | Residence A + T

The design of the residence A + T is a space strategy to meet the demands of an extensive home program, obtaining the largest possible area of leisure and

The Forest Pond House, Hampshire | Incredible Pictures

TDO Architecture is delighted to present The Forest Pond House. Located in rural Hampshire, The Forest Pond House is both a space for meditation and a children’s den in the woods. Made from timber, glass and copper, it lies on the bank of a pond

Many of my prints end up in a book form, I find it gives the prints a fresh new viewpoint, often just a micro-view of only part of the print. One of the issues of the printing technique of...

The tunnel book format of ‘Feral’ layers imagery of introduced animals with text from a book on endangered plants of Australia, commenting on exotic and.

Africa | Granary door from the Dogon people of Mali | Wood and metal

Small old granary door

17 x x 79 cm) This “door” is more a window than a door. It closes an opening to the adobe granaries in which the Dogon store their grain. The figures protect the grain inside from mold, insects and all other threats.