💕💜rose bruises💜💕

💕💜rose bruises💜💕

💕💜rose bruises💜💕
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a-l-ancien-regime: “ Augustusburg palace; it is perceived as a typical specimen of rococo style ” Augustusburg Palace, Brühl. The famous staircase was designed by Johann Balthasar Neumann.


I think Clueless is my favorite movie!Moment: “searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie”

green tears...

Glitter tear, which I pinned because it's so very soft, not clown-like (and, as usual, I'd love it without all the black makeup and eyeshadow).


Drew Barrymore (Photography by Ellen von Unwerth) (Aww I forgot how much I loved Drew's look back in the day!

petra collins.

Petra and Feli wear dresses from Naughty Mess Vintage, collars from the Drake General Store, shoes from 69 Vintage, and American Apparel socks.