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Fantastic LEGO Creations

The LEGO creations by Kosmas Santosa, aka KOS brick, an enthusiast who uses the famous little bricks to create tributes to pop culture, from Iron Man to the

Marge Simpson Realistic Make-up

Yellow makeup and blue flowers created this masterful illusion of the real Marge Simpson.


archatlas: “The Mirror Suitcase Man In The Mirror Suitcase Man, photographer Rui Calcada Bastos creates surrealist visions with a single, elusive prop: a suitcase made of paneled mirrors. As in the canvas paintings of Rene Magritte, this mysterious.


collection of Creative and Vector Art Designs on T-shirts Designs.

Intricate paper sculptures  http://www.weird-thing.com/2015/07/monochromatic-paper-sculptures.html

Jeff Nishinaka is the world’s premier paper sculptor with the a prolific career that spans 28 years. Nishinaka attended UCLA and graduate.

Hyperrealistic Animal Paintings  http://www.weird-thing.com/2014/12/3d-animal-paintings.html

asylum-art: “ George Boorujy “George Boorujy was born to a family of Catholics in New Jersey. Charmed by his liberal attitudes and facility with numbers, they decided to keep him.” Boorujy is.