You are ALEX NEWKIRK. You are into many things, including VIDEOGAMES, COSPLAYING, AND CRYSTALS. You have been forced to make this thing called a TUMBLR. WHAT DO YOU DO? ==> Fuck bitches, get money. THEN post the coolest thing that has happened recently.

Puyehue-Cordon Caulle Volcano Eruption in Chile (the picture of a lightning filled cloud, usually labeled, Rome, GA, 2012, is NOT a tornado, but another view of this eruption. Volcanic clouds often produce lightning.)

Allison Coward -- most geodes that we find today are from old volcanic eruptions. As lava cooled air bubbles were trapped inside cresting empty pockets. over millions of years minerals filled those pockets created the beautiful crystal treasure that we find today.

Volcano. Ok so obviously I cannot actually go here, but this view is unbelievable. #etna

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