Star tattoos on the finger

Star Tattoo Designs on Ring Finger. My very first nickname for my hunny was *stars* because I was drawn to his star tattoo& on his arms and I saw stars every time I saw him :) Plus it makes the ring finger pop!

Mermaid scales. Freakin cool!

Mermaid tattoo, i like this one better! ~ Obsessed with mermaid scale tattoos. Ugh, I want one on my upper thigh just saying. no thigh gap? this means im a mermaid.

this is beautiful

Skull drawings by René Campbell interesting. I like the swirl designs .but the skull is still creepy

Tattoo Idea! Seriousl so fucking cool! Laine I want this!

More realistic hair and maybe some scales before the tail turns to bones. Waves and some little sea creature skeletons. This could be awesome.

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