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Beautiful premade logo design for bloggers, photographers, florists, event planners, boutiques, designers, stylists, interior designers and

This watercolor / watermark thing is very overdone right now with designers.

Savings Tips: Build a horse lean-to shed or run-in on a budget. Great money saving ideas for horse people.

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Wash stall ideas.

Generally, I like the design of this wash stall. I might have a larger drainage grate along the wall

Fence posts with pallets slipped over them. Good idea for emergency pens or horses on temp stall rest that are used to being out for goats, sheep, pigs.

Put a sand/soft path going around the property so you can ride wherever you want without going on the concrete! Great to keep horses fresh and ready to works

Practice Maintaining Impulsion on Course with the Over Fences Horse Journals. tricky pattern but effecitive to slow a speedy horse down and ensure they are listening well.