Mini Bottle Cap Chairs

Mini Bottle Cap Chairs

The 11 Best Fairy Garden Ideas - fairy garden with twinkle lights

The 11 Best Fairy Garden Ideas

Would totally do this if i had a kid ! Pink Cottage Fairy Door wall sticker/decal including window and flower bed

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How to Make a Miniature Dollhouse Wading Pool from plastic bracelets - perfect size for mini lalaloopsies!

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Miniature Garden Shrub Fairy Puff Sawara Cypress gets more darling as it grows up. #miniaturegarden #conifer

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plants for fairy gardens

Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center, LLC

How to Make Fairy Houses | Make a Stone Fairy House

how to make a fairy house | The Fairy Garden

Handmade Tooth Fairy Kit with Door and by HollyAnnaHandmade

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fairy door.... i love the whimsey in this!

~~~~~ The Esoteric Blog: Ursi's Eso Garden ~~~~~

doll house doors and windows in vintage books) library

Teachers as Storytellers

Use a tire from a tractor in the toy aisle!! Miniature tire swing!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got plenty of tires around here with three boys.

Fairy Garden Miniatures - Woodland

Love the bell!

April | 2011 | Wondrous Places Blog

Fairy house

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You could make them with golf tee and marbles. Fairy Garden Gazing Balls by laughingorangestudio on Etsy, $8.00. Y

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DIY Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs | Studio DIY®

Fairy Books (doll house doors and windows in vintage books) library

Teachers as Storytellers

Fairy door for your tree! "Sorry we missed you, we're dancing in the garden." or "Shhhh...the fairies are sleeping"

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Glue an imaginative popsicle stick elf door onto flowerpots, walls or tree trunks.

Whimsical Elf Door

green fairy door, fun idea to the big sweetgum tree out front

Fairy Door kit, Small Fairy Gardens, fairy birthday decorations, outside decor, gifts for mom, garden fairy door, faerie door, garden decor,

Is this the tree where Boo Radley hid toys for Scout?

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Fairy door wall decal, 3.5" x 7" -- to scatter throughout the house near baseboards and cabinets and shelves. Via WilsonGraphics on Etsy.

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Fae door decal. Great for creating small doorway in a fairy garden. Decal available at

Green Fairy Door Design 2 - Vinyl Wall Decal - 4" wide x 8" tall

DIY Mini Gardens • Ideas & Tutorials!

DIY Mini Gardens | The Garden Glove

Make your own fairy garden furniture

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""Mouse House built into wall at baseboard when building or remodeling real house. 1":1' scale roombox, open in front, placed in wall before sheet rocking. Diagram position of door and window, grab a glass of wine and cut through sheet rock for openings. Battery lit by doorbell. Kitchen items, calendar etc. Let kids find it themselves, wonderful faces. Adults must lie on tummy to see inside, makes hysterical pictures.""

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