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    Female Wrestling

    Women wrestlers that don't fit in the WWE or TNA boards. Female wrestlers from the past and present from WCW, Indy wrestling promotions and others.

    Female Wrestling

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    K.C. Houston - Womens Wrestling

    Jessicka Havok (R) when she was just starting out

    Female indy wrestler Jenny Taylor

    Jamie West - Whitney Hansen - Misty Blue Simms

    Canadian female wrestler and valet, Jade Chung

    Classic women's pro wrestler Ida Mae Martinez

    Cuba born female wrestler Hurricane Havana

    Female Wrestling: Mia Yim aka TNA Knockout Jade

    Japanese wrestling legend Bull Nakano

    Dark Lady - Female Lucha Libre

    The late Oklahoma Pro Wrestling's Ladies Champion, Heather Savage

    Womens Pro Wrestling: Lena Blair - UK Wrestling

    Womens Pro Wrestling: More Women's Wrestling From The UK

    Mrs. Booker T, Queen Sharmell

    Malia Hosaka punishing April Hunter with a Camel Clutch

    Japanese Womens Wrestling: Mima Shimoda - Japanese Womens Wrestling

    Kana with a Crossface Chickenwing on Cheerleader Melissa

    WCW Nitro Girl Chae

    Womens Pro Wrestling: Pippa L'Vinn - British Womens Pro Wrestling

    Wrestling Redux: Nitro Girl Chiquita