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Japanese Women Wrestling

The women of joshi puroresu, Japanese female wrestling

Japanese Women Wrestling

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Mimi Hagiwara vs Peggy Lee - Japanese Women Wrestling

Former Japanese wrestler Megumi Kudo who's last match was a "No ropes 200V double hell double barbed wire barricade double landmine glass crush death match".

Kaori Yoneyama- Japanese Female Wrestling

Yumi Ohka - Japanese Women's Wrestling

Yumi Ohka - Japanese Women's Wrestling

Tsubasa Kuragaki - Japanese Women Wrestling

Joshi veteran Kyoko Inoue

Japanese Womens Wrestling: Akira Hokuto Wrestling Debbie Malenko

Kana Vs Jessie McKay

  • Bill Dawson
    Bill Dawson

    That's my girl,Kana God bless her

Triple Tails (Kana and Shirai Sisters)

Takako Inoue and Kyoko Inoue vs. Manami Toyota and Mima Shimoda

Akira Hokuto aka The Dangerous Queen

Makoto-Japanese Women Wrestling

Cherry - Japanese Female Wrestling

Apple Miyuki - Japanese Female Wrestling

Hiroyo Matsumoto and Misaki Ohata - Japanese Female Wrestling

Japanese female wrestlers Io Shirai and Mio Shirai

Japanese Womens Wrestling: Ayumi Kurihara

All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling

Manami Toyota wrestling Kayo Noumi

Japanese Womens Wrestling: Aiko Kyo

The late Plum Mariko - Female Japanese Wrestlers

Mimi Hagiwara with figure four

Mima Shimoda with an Abdominal Stretch on Lady Apache

Akira Hokuto Destroys Madusa