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I've always been this way. I'm gonna be this way forever, why even bother trying anymore?

When the littlest thing goes wrong, it brings me to a bad place.reminds me of this black cloud that's been hovering over my life. Why can't I just see it as a speed bump.instead of as a complete failure? I'm loved by many, but feel empty. Hate this

People always tell me that I look sad and tired.  I know I look sad and tired. I AM SAD AND TIRED!!!!!  #Sadness #Quote

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-"It's the worst feeling in the whole world."

It's very hard to hold back when having an anxiety attack in public. It's NOT an easy thing to do. While your may have multiple thoughtz and fears, you also think on how not to show you are having an anxiety attack.

So true!

You all need to read this. Never push away a suicidal person. And don't treat it like a joke or just brush it off if they tell you they are suicidal. Some people feel as though it's the only option they have left.


I was better.or so I thought. Maybe I was never better, but maybe it was this one person who made me think I was better. Its become evident now that shes gone, that ill never be better. I wont be her better, and I CANT be my own better.

Some days are like this...just breathing....but if breathing gets me to the next day of another chance to LIVE it is worth it.

Just because I'm breathing doesn't mean I am alive, you bounded me not to stay alive this this time and makes me feel like worthless piece of shit sigh


"I have to be the strong one! "There's a problem with being the strong one." He says, "No one offers you a hand." So very true about my life!