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5 Quotes By Women That Inspire Confidence. A few times in life someone will say something that is so right, so true and at exactly the right time, that it changes your life forever. In the words by these amazing women lies the secret to authentic success,

5 Quotes by Strong Women That Inspire Self Confidence

Only once could I say for certain I completely hopelessly have been in love. Only once and I've never stopped loving you. Every single day my heart will never ever be whole with you in my life.


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Previous pinner wrote: "I do this and it seems to make some people very uncomfortable. I have also been highly criticized for it - I've always believed this says more about them than it does me." .... I agree!

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I don't like to do any of these except listening to music bUT ANYWAYS TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF 💖

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<3 I am too full of life to be half loved.


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Nice experient for kids who don't get it - When you're a teacher. (maybe not broken glass - maybe an egg?)