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The High Low Project on HGTV

The High Low Project on HGTV

The High Low Project on HGTV

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Living Room: Sofa - The Super High/Low List With Sabrina Soto on HGTV

The Super High/Low List With Sabrina Soto

Episode 506

  • Farrah Miller
    Farrah Miller

    Love, love, love this show!!

  • Stacy Sampson
    Stacy Sampson

    What is the paint color? And the table, just awesome!

Episode 505

  • Amber Callahan
    Amber Callahan

    Agreed! I loved this episode

  • Debbie Tolland
    Debbie Tolland

    I want to watch this show!! When is it on?

  • Amber Callahan
    Amber Callahan

    Here In Ohio, it aires on Saturdays @ 1pm but it hasn't been on lately best show on hgtv!

  • Debbie Tolland
    Debbie Tolland

    I can't even find it on the hgtv website...but I did find it on and can watch it on demand! I will check out Sundays too :). Thanks!

  • Laurie Davis
    Laurie Davis

    HGTV plays House Hunters non stop here on the West Coast. I wished they would play all of Sabrina's shows instead!! I love her more than Candice Olson now, which is saying ALLOT :)

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Episode 504

  • Kimberly Kandell
    Kimberly Kandell

    Hi Sabrina! I love the color of this bedroom! What is the name of the color on the walls? Thanks!

  • Jennifer Monson
    Jennifer Monson

    Same here! I've been looking for this paint color and can't seem to match it up! Can you let us know the paint color??

Episode 503

  • ♡WW♡

    **Sherwin Williams

  • gail.


  • Denise ******
    Denise ******

    Hey, what;s with the new dud? Chris please!

  • Sandy MacPherson
    Sandy MacPherson

    I agree. Bring Chris back!

  • David Bursky
    David Bursky

    I liked this room, but also miss chris

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Episode 501

  • Viki

    Sabrina Schwandt

  • Viki

    Ok, so pinterest has a mind of it's on and keeps picking other names to tag, lol. Going to delete all...

  • Denise ******
    Denise ******

    Agree with Viki! Chris needs to come back. The two of you together are what really makes the show enjoyable -)

  • Tara Lain
    Tara Lain

    totally agree! What happened to Chris?

  • Jackie Wright
    Jackie Wright

    Can you tell me where the "low" rug is from?

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Episode 406

  • Valerie Ipavec
    Valerie Ipavec

    What is that gorgeous paint color?

  • Wendy Hebert
    Wendy Hebert

    Leaves? I'm confused... I don't see any leaves?

  • Matt Burkhalter
    Matt Burkhalter

    I watched the episode, but forgot to record. What was rubbed on the iron to make it black?

  • Kim D
    Kim D

    There were large leaves on the wall by her desk. Surely they were fabric or something not real.

  • Dania Minassian
    Dania Minassian

    Truly my favorite episode. Best transformation ever.

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Episode 405

  • Melanie O
    Melanie O

    Is there a source list for most episodes? I would LOVE to get that!

  • la mala
    la mala

    The overlays were probably from

  • Heather Johnson
    Heather Johnson

    Does anyone know the paint color for the blue walls? Looove!

  • Vickey Patel
    Vickey Patel

    Any luck on finding paint color?

  • Heather Johnson
    Heather Johnson

    No! Sadly I have looked everywhere online. I wish they would list it in the episodes or on the website. Love this color.

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Episode 404

  • Dax Carver
    Dax Carver

    Wish I knew where that Murphy bed was purchased. Love Sabrina's work!

Episode 403

  • alabamarose

    Your creativity is amazing. Love your show!

  • Marissa McCullough Peck
    Marissa McCullough Peck

    The silhouette project is probably my favorite in the series!

  • Shannon

    Would love to find more info about the lighting ... I love it!

  • A.G D.G
    A.G D.G

    I'm in love with the combination of grays and yellows Loving it!!!

Episode 402

Episode 401

Budget-Friendly Dining Room, designed by Sabrina Soto, host of HGTV's High/Low Project >>

Sabrina's Best High to Low Makeovers

Gorgeous Table Setting Under 300 Buck$

Sabrina's Best High to Low Makeovers
  • Patti Dukeman
    Patti Dukeman

    Paige Dukeman succulent and potted tree

Contemporary Bedroom on a Budget >>

Sabrina's Best High to Low Makeovers
  • Sharon Roberts
    Sharon Roberts

    Love Sabrina's design style

Casual Elegance by HGTV's Sabrina Soto, host of The High/Low Project. See MORE >>

Sabrina's Best High to Low Makeovers

Low-Cost Porch Decorating, from HGTV's Sabrina Soto,The High/Low Project. >>

Sabrina's Best High to Low Makeovers
  • Kathie Eich
    Kathie Eich

    This is one of my favorites!

Sunny Breakfast Nook: A Low-Cost Look from HGTV's The High/Low Project.

Sabrina's Best High to Low Makeovers

Episode 313

  • Nancy Kjar Atkinson
    Nancy Kjar Atkinson

    Anyone know where I can find this rug? Love that images from your shows are Pinned!

  • Rosa Empolvado
    Rosa Empolvado

    Así quiero mi sala, con esta convinación de colores

Episode 312

  • Tiffany Nash
    Tiffany Nash

    Love this room, and your show. What is the paint color you used? Thanks so much.

  • artist Lara Harris
    artist Lara Harris

    you always find such great rugs! need to add to my list!

Episode 311

  • Becky_ Organizing Made Fun™
    Becky_ Organizing Made Fun™

    Love the curtains across the whole wall!

Episode 310

  • Malvis Cabrera-Brooks
    Malvis Cabrera-Brooks

    This patio turned out very pretty. I was wondering, do the wooden chairs with the blue cushions have a name? I like their curvy style.

  • Tara Miller
    Tara Miller

    I loved this one! You were able to keep so many high end pieces; the rug is amazing.

Episode 309

  • Whitney Smith
    Whitney Smith

    Just watched this tonight! Love the barn doors!

  • Emily Miner
    Emily Miner

    Absolutely love this room!! Come to az and do my house!

  • jltf H
    jltf H

    My absolute favorite. Thanks Sabrina!!!!!

  • Claudette Ralls
    Claudette Ralls

    I love that yellow cabinet. I would never of thought of using a bold color with that table and doors.

  • Tracey Parks
    Tracey Parks

    I love the horse print but missed how she did it. If anyone saw it could you please describe?

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Episode 308

  • Lu Aloupas
    Lu Aloupas

    Bi love everything Sabrina Soto does. Every episode is just amazing and inspiring.

  • Aimee Nacol
    Aimee Nacol

    LOVE the family photos on the wall! :)

  • Janet Vickers
    Janet Vickers

    absolutely love "The High Low Project"

  • artist Lara Harris
    artist Lara Harris

    love the pops of color!

  • Bridget Deehr
    Bridget Deehr

    I want the console for my living room!

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